Wednesday, April 06, 2011

Herb Garden Updates

Summer is a great time for plants!  Most of my herbs are doing a lot better than they did 6 months ago.   Of course I have to be more dutiful in terms of watering (sometimes twice a day) but it's worth it.  Let me show you a couple of my favorite plants. 

Look at the before and after photos of my chocolate mint.  There's a two month difference between these photos but look how lush the plant has become.  I added vermicompost into this pot and moved it to the sunniest location in the garden.  What did the trick?  I'm honestly not sure.  All I know is that I've been nursing this plant since November and I'm glad it looks like the day I bought it (lush and vibrant).  Oh dear I have to greet my mint happy birthday.  It's over a year old now.    And for those would be gardeners, don't believe everything that you read.  My mints have shown no inclination in taking over the garden counter to what I frequently read back then.   I tried planting the mints on the ground several times, but they never thrived. 

Now let me show you the fully recovered peppermint.  I don't have a before and after photo of this particular plant, but believe me, all my mints were on the verge of dying last October.  I don't really fertilize these plants much but I placed a cupful of vermicompost below the roots.  Hopefully, that provides the peppermint with more nutrients to help maximize summer growth. 

Now let me show you one of my recent favorites.  This planter has a couple of yellow ginger plants but I also threw in some melon or watermelon seeds.  One of them has now grown so I actually removed a yellow ginger to make room.    I attempted to grow a melon last year and I was so close but I inadvertently killed it with a dishwashing solution.  This time I hope to do better.  As for the yellow ginger, well I've grown this to harvest successfully already so the excitement has waned for me.   Oh I also put in a couple of worms along with some organic material (leaves and coffee grounds) since I've seen for myself that worms can actually thive inside a pot.  I just made sure that a section of the planter box is shaded from the sun to give the worms a fighting chance.  Hopefully the worms will do their job and provide the melon with enough nutrients.   

A couple of months ago, I also traded a dozen cinnamon basil plants for some big dill plants.  Initially, the dill plants didn't do so well.  I saw some browning of the leaves so I had to move the plants around.  Finally I moved them under the macopa tree.  I think the shade did them well.  I also pruned most of them since I used the cuttings to get more dill plants.  They root very well in water I must say.  Now, the dill plants are all fully recovered and very bushy.  I think that's why they're sometimes referred to as dill weed.  I never even bothered to repot them.  I tried lifting one of the pots before and saw that the roots penetrated the bottom already.  So, they're getting nourishment and moisture from  the ground below.  Cool.  That makes them even simpler.   Incidentally, I made dill and cheese omelet a few minutes ago.

I'll end it at that for now.  I have a couple more plant updates but I'll save those for another day.  Happy herb gardening!


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