Tuesday, August 03, 2010

RIP: Melon

I really blew it.  Just a few days ago, my big melon plant started fruiting.  And now it's dead.  Ah yes, my cruel fate.

Rewind a little.  How did I go from peak to trough in record time?  Well it's like this.  I wanted to make sure the fruit grows and ripens.  So I wanted to protect the plant from more bugs, which have been eating the leaves.  I sprayed the leaves with a dishwashing soap solution.  In hindsight, my solution may have been too strong.  By the end of the morning, all the leaves have wilted.  Sigh.  Just when I thought my gardening has finally paid off.  Tsk.

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  1. Anonymous2:51 PM

    Please avoid using chemicals for your plant. Whatever you plant (veggies, fruits, or any edible plants) can absorb the chemicals and when you eat it, you will actually digest it into your system which can eventually harm you and your family. Please always remember to go natural. Its the best and safest way.


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