Thursday, September 09, 2004

My Newest CD

I was in Circle C a couple of days ago. I was browsing for new computer games when I saw this pirated chill compilation CD jutting out in front. Well I've been meaning to get one of those since my most regular dose of chill out is Joey's License to Chill and that only happens when I go home at 9:00 PM (I think) on Wednesdays.

And so I was thinking, "Hey I listen to this stuff. I should know where it came from." Would you believe it? It's harder to find than one would think. I just know that Chill Out is like jazz and new age blended with downtempo techno beat. Who would have guessed that when I acquired the ear for techno (this story I have to tell sometime), it would open the floodgates of appreciation for electronica? For us Manila people, Chill Out may now be most accurately described as "that Greenbelt music", which is good for Greenbelt because it has finally settled on an identity.

Of course I never got to talk about my CD. Well I dig it, but there's not much to say.

Ambient Origins

From what I've read, Chill Out music is after hours music. After clubbing until the wee hours of the morning, Chill Out is supposed to serve as transition for partying to dreaming (use of E is optional). I guess that's no longer the case since Chill Out has entered the mainstream and is now the main event music.


Everytime I buy pirated CDs, there's this voice in my head saying that I'm supporting smugglers, drug lords and similar scum. Let us, however, assume for the sake of discussion that these are merely enterprising businessmen. Pirated CDs do help get the word out about various musical pieces. It also forces record companies to be on their toes because their business may be turned inside out just like that. Software piracy likewise has its benefits. Imagine our Windows and Office literacy had it not been for fakes. I have no figures to back it up, but I would think that PC penetration would be much lower. Heck, government agencies use fake copies.


  1. Chill music is where it is at!
    I work at a night club, and all I can listen to is chill music, as everything else hurts my ears.

    Don't worry too much about pirate CDs, I think that the recording industry really needs to wake up anyways. Although, the thought of supporting a potential drug smuggler isn't all that great.... ho-hum I guess.

  2. Hey thanks for dropping by. Maybe you'd know a few titles I can look up. I don't really know the "who's who" in this genre.

  3. Speaking of CD...Where's that one which you borrowed from me so many years ago? Do you know that I've only listened to that once?

    Punta ka dito bukas diba, can you bring it please? =P

  4. Oh that's your acid collection. My Friday exams are over.

  5. Ok...Just bring it, whenever you drop by here...puh-leeeezzzz

  6. I can burn you a copy of my chill CD

  7. I'm new to the genre as well, but the "Chilloutmix" collection is very promising.

    With bands like Zero 7, Boards of Canada, massive attack

  8. Cool. I'll go check those out at Kazaa

  9. Noy! I remember that CD Jojo is referring to. Gahd! You haven't returned that? Eh you borrowed that before that dreaded "missent text" of Jojo! Hehehehe.

  10. Hey hey hey! There ought to be rules regarding unearthing unpleasant memories! Yes it's the same acid CD. Hey, you wanna check out my Chill Out collection?


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