Friday, July 30, 2010


Yehey!  Something in my makeshift garden finally did something right.  My big melon finally bore fruit.  They're still small (two of them), but they're unmistakably melons.  That's what surprised me today.  I was just wondering why the tendrils weren't holding the vine up.  So that's why!  The vine's heavier because of the small fruits.   And it's just been like two and half months since I spread melon seeds. Jean said I should wrap them in plastic bags to keep rot and insects away.  I will...maybe tomorrow.  For now I'm just glad even though the leaves are being eaten steadily by bugs.   Dang bugs.

As an afterthought, the melon performance varies greatly with the amount of sun available. I think I mentioned before that the melons in the backyard are either anemic or dead.  That's because there's limited sun in the backyard.  Now if only my tomatoes bear fruit!


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