Sunday, July 11, 2010

Big Melons and Flowers

It's funny sometimes how the ones you don't pay attention to grow the most.   In my last melon post, I talked about the fast growing melons in my backyard.   Most of them are half dead now, either half eaten by insects or probably victims of root rot.  Still, if you've been checking out my blog, you'd probably guess that my basil plants are my favorites and therefore get the most attention.  While my basil plants have been recovering (not exactly growing their hearts out), one of the melons in my front yard has exploded in growth.  It's cohabiting a pot with a tomato (yes, probably not the wisest choice).  It's partly because I had no idea it would grow this big.  As you can see, it has crawled over the adjacent green pot and all the way down the metal grill and has started flowering.  How great is that?    My tomato is overdue for fruiting and its the melon that decides to flower.  Well, I'll take it!  Just give me anything that will make me feel like gardening is worthwhile.  ;-)

As for care, well I make sure to water that pot heavily everyday given the size of the two cohabitants.  You think either will actually bear fruit?  Only time will tell. 


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