Saturday, July 03, 2010

Tomato Leaf Curl

I have a really big tomato plant now.  I think it's about 2-feet tall already and has outgrown the raised platform.  It was a little hard to support since the tomato is taller than the stakes.  So, I moved it down so that it'll use the raised platform thing as a crutch.  It's easier than staking. However, the leaves have started curling all over the plant.   I did my research and found that I'm not any closer to an answer.  It could be environmental stress, which I understand.  It's been sunny-rainy-sunny-rainy-sunny.  And that's in one day!  It could be over or under watering.  It could be over nitrogen or under calcium.  It could be a virus or a bug problem.  It could mean herbicide damage.  What's the problem?  All of that could be true.  It happened after spraying with soap solution and moving the pot.  What I've experienced is that tomato leaves and stems follow the sun very quickly.  Thus, if you keep turning the pot, it'll disfigure the leaves and the stems.  I'm not sure how to fix it.  In the meantime though, I will just keep watering it heavily because the plant is quite big already.  I'll add some crushed egg shells to add calcium to the mix.  And I'll add another layer of grass clippings mulch to raise the soil level.  Wish my tomato luck!  And to think, it's due for fruiting already!


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