Friday, May 28, 2010

White Streaks on Tomato Leaves

I read up on the white streaks I've been seeing on the leaves of my tomato plants.  Apparently, these are caused by leaf miners.  These little insects burrow under the leaves and lay their eggs there.  These streaks won't kill the plant, but will weaken it.  The white streaks can also serve as entry points for fungus and other diseases.  To control these insects, I've been spraying my tomato leaves with soap solution on both the top and under side.  However, I've also read that the best way to control these would be to pluck and destroy the infected leaves and to mulch with plastic.  Hmmm...gotta try that too.

Meanwhile, check out my biggest tomato plant.  There are only three big ones alive.  This one seems to be a couple of feet tall.  Gotta take care of this one although I have dozens of small seedlings now.  I want them to bear fruit.   I'm being careful about keeping the soil moist but not soggy.  Can't have root rot.

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  1. My plants leaves are turning yellow. I read it is either low nitrigen or not enough water but it has rained al ot lately.


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