Wednesday, June 02, 2010

Staking My Tomato: The First Time

I don't know how to stake a tomato.  I have no sense of art.   And those are my disclaimers.  My remaining healthy tomato looks pretty big now doesn't it?   I've been trying to get bugs of it by spraying it with soap solution (the ones I used for washing water containers) twice a day.  And yet, just this morning I saw a couple more leaves with white streaks.  Dang these bugs!

So anyway, I took a couple of dead calamansi branches (we have two big trees in our yard), and I stuck them around the pot.  Then I tried looping these together with plastic straw.  I know.  It looks messy.  But I hope it'll provide ample support.  Otherwise, I'll put another stake just adjacent to the major stem and I'll take it from there.  I hope this one makes it all the way through fruiting.


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