Friday, June 04, 2010


The rainy season is upon us so sunlight has become a little more valuable.  For my cinnamon basil, it looks like business as usual.  It's still big and bushy although I prune it at least once a week.  Even the ones grown in bottles of water (i.e. hydroponic basil)  have grown enough to be pruned.  I think it's because the front yard has fairly consistent sunlight and the pot is small enough for the water to get drained regularly.  Why is that relevant?  Well, it's been raining buckets so soil has been soggy all over the yard.  Unfortunately, it's not the same story as my sweet basil.

Since I pruned my upside down tomato (well decapitated is the word), it died a few weeks later. So I figured I'd try an upside down basil (picture 1).  Well it's been a couple of days since I planted it.  It looks like it doesn't turn towards the sun as fast as tomatoes do (a day!).  But, it certainly looks like it's bending towards the sun.  The other pots show my other sweet basil plants. I put them beside the wall to avoid the rain.  I need them to dry off a bit since I don't want root rot.  The pots are so heavy since the soil's really wet.  Never mind that they're a little stunted due to lack of sunlight.   I'll just have to move them around everyday to maximize the sunlight exposure.


  1. I don't know what kind of Basil I have. I bought it from Baguio. And since I go straight to Cityville after work, it has been neglected. But it it has survived, although, it's not as healthy as your Basil :( Any Staffing este Basil recommendations?

  2. Show me the picture. And what does it smell like?


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