Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Tomato Transplants, Upside Down Tomato, RIP Tomato

The last time I wrote about my tomatoes was after discovering that my tomato seedling bed could only accommodate around three full grown plants and I had about a dozen planted there.  And so I took pains to transfer them to separate pots.  Picture one shows one of my healthiest transplanted tomatoes.  It's still in a small pot, but I'll transfer it once it looks nice and ready (with roots all over the pot).  Picture two shows one of the healthiest tomato plants that remained in the seedling bed.   The bits of white you see on the soil are crushed eggshells, which are supposed to help shore up the calcium levels of the soil.  Picture three shows my first attempt at growing an upside down tomato.  True to what I've read, it attempts to grow towards the sun.  How cool is that?

But hey, it's not all dandy.  Not in picture: about 4-5 seedlings that I've killed during the transplant process; about 3 seedlings I've killed trying to grow them in a glass of water (it's supposed to work!)  Truth be told, I'd be happy if only three plants survive to be full-grown tomato bearing plants.  I'll then put them right outside my room so they can kill the mosquitoes and self fertilize


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