Friday, April 02, 2010

How to Germinate a Mango Seed

It's been a while since I talked about my mangoes, so I decided to write an update.  At this time, I am growing five different mango plants!  Some are Carabao Mangoes and some are Indian Mangoes.  Why those?  Well those are the varieties I got from the supermarket.

If you're interested in germinating mango seeds (growing mango plants from seeds), check out the steps I followed in this mango entry.  The germination rate is almost 100%; that is, they always grow roots.

I did experience some fatalities once I transplanted the seeds into a soil medium.  To get a higher transplant survival rate, I would suggest keeping the mango seeds inside the moist zip locked plastic bag for over a month.  Why?  The more developed the root system, the easier it will be to grow them.  Just check out the roots developed by this mango seed when I left it in the bag for a month and a half.

So, I would also suggest that mango seed germination not be your first gardening project.  Otherwise, you'll get impatient.  It's best to just germinate and forget the seeds for a month or so.   While germinating the mango seeds, immerse yourself in other gardening projects.  For example, I indulged myself with germinating, caring and propagating my tomatoes, Cinnamon Basil, Gotu Kola, Oregano Thyme, Mums, Petunias and others.  These projects kept me from fiddling with the mango seeds.

If you check out these pictures, you'll see that the first stems and leaves are sprouting from the seed.  I just half buried the seeds in soil when I transplanted them.  These pictures were taken 1-2 weeks after I transplanted the seeds with roots.   It's not for the impatient!

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