Friday, March 26, 2010

Root Division Propagation 2: Oregano Thyme

In the past couple of weeks, I've tried rooting my Oregano Thyme cuttings in a glass of water.  After all, it is an herb and fellow herbs Chocolate, Japanese and Peppermint all easily rooted using that method.  The stems didn't rot at once which gave me some hope, but they died anyway.  But then I read about root division and it got me all excited.  In all my years, I never knew such a method existed.  Imagine that.  In my prior post, I talked about doing that with my mums.  Then I read that it's a reliable way of propagating Oregano Thyme too.

So I dug up my Oregano Thyme. I didn't have to do a lot since the roots were still pretty shallow.  I separated two clumps by hand, which wasn't hard (I made sure each clump had stems and roots); then I replanted each clump.  That's it.

And by the way, I read that Oregano Thyme is not a hybrid between Oregano and Thyme;  it's actually a confusing variety of Thyme, much like a Whale Shark would confuse you.  Is it a whale or a shark?  Anyway, the two pictures are my before and after shots.  Next time, I'll right about caring for this herb that goes for P59 per pack in S&R.  Possibilities.


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