Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Petunia in Tagaytay

From a gardening standpoint, there were a couple of things I saw in Tagaytay over the weekend.  I discovered that my blue flowered plant was locally called May Flores, but is actually a mophead hydrangea.  Thanks to Donna & Miel for correcting me and to Judith for definitively identifying my plant.  Just a few more days before it blooms! 

I also bought a beautiful Hannah Leah plant with purple flowers and shiny dark green leaves.  I'm still trying to find out the common name so I can research proper care and propagation.  Help anyone?

Finally I also had an inspiring  petunia sighting.  First, look at my petunias.  They're pretty prolific, right? 

Now, take a look at the Tagaytay Petunias we saw!

I had no idea Petunias could be that huge!  So now I'm thinking.  Maybe I shouldn't keep mine in pots.  Hmmmm.  Well just to share, I gathered a couple of seeds from blooms I deadheaded.  I planted them in the seedling cups.  I hope a couple of them will germinate.  Then I'll place them in the front yard (not in pots) and we'll see how long it takes before these new Petunias outgrow the Tagaytay counterparts.


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