Monday, March 29, 2010

Welcome Hannah Leah and Malvarosa

My trip to Tagaytay wasn't just good for finding out the name May Flores.  I also got myself a plant.  On the way home, we saw this garden and just had to stop. I bought a plant called Hannah Leah (or Ana Lea, or Anna Leah, whatever).  I just love the small purple flowers and the shiny leaves.  Silly me (2x), I should have asked for the scientific name!  I can't find it on the Internet again except for some obscure seller in and he spelled it Ana Leah.   It's supposed to bloom throughout the year and like other flowering plants, I'm supposed to deadhead it after each bloom "expires".  In a month or two, I'll try some cuttings on soil. 

Anyway, since coming from the South going to my house passes by EDSA-Quezon Ave, we dropped by our favorite hangout: the Manila Seedling.  I got myself one more herb: a Malvarosa.  I know. Between May, Hannah and Malvarosa, it looks like I have Charlie's Angels.  Maybe I should call the trio Charlie's Garden.  Malvarosa is frequently used for perfume and to ward of insects.  Indeed, it had a strong fragrance.  Pero amoy matrona (smells like a middle-aged woman).  ;-) As for propagation, well I'm supposed to cut that lone stem once the plant gets bigger.


  1. Anonymous1:21 PM

    Donner: Your malvarosa is also called citronella. Meron na pala sa Manila Seedling. The last time I went there sabi magtatanim pa lang sila. I should go there later and get a few pots! Thanks for the tip!

  2. Oh you should join us the next time we go (typically every Sunday). Just us old people tending to our herbs.


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