Monday, March 29, 2010

Tagaytay Plant - May Flores

Alright, so we had a little trip to Tagaytay yesterday.  Among other things, I was excited to ask the local gardeners what the name of my plant was.  Look at picture 1, which is my plant starting to bloom.  Look at pictures 2 and 3, which shows identical plants!  According to the caretaker, the plant's name is May Flores. I know, it sounds like someone you might have gone to school with, but that's the name he said.  Silly me, I should have asked for the scientific name because I certainly can't find it on the Internet.  But the plant is popular in Tagaytay.  Apparently, it comes in different colors too, from blue to lavender, from pink to white.  I also asked for propagation techniques.  He said it was just cuttings in soil.  I'll try that soon!   Cool huh?  So whether that's the correct name or not, my Tagaytay plant is now known as May Flores.


  1. Anonymous11:23 AM

    Donner: I have one. I think that's a hydrangea.

  2. Hey, I think you're on to something. It looks like a Hydrangea indeed. I'll wait for the flowers to verify. You seem to have a lot of plants too. We should trade sometime.

  3. Anonymous1:30 PM

    Donner: I kinda 'stole' my hydrangea from a wedding I attended 2 years ago. Hehe.

    No luck with my mints. They both died already. I'm now trying to grow vegetables (I take out the seeds from the vegetables that I cook). Happy with my tomato and bell pepper seedlings. My kalamansi is now caterpillar food.

  4. Wow, you're cool. I'll give you a couple of mints. I have so many cuttings of those already. Can I see your tomato?


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