Friday, March 12, 2010

Month of Revivals: Petunia, Mums and my Tagaytay Plant

The past couple of days have been generally good for my little garden.  Let me tell you why.

Last month, I got two petunias, one with purple flowers and the other with red & white ones.  If you look closely at the red one though, you'd see that there were a couple of wilting leaves.  Isolated case?  I wish.  For about two weeks, I've pruned and removed rotting leaves and I've tried to exterminate ants in the soil by drowning them and spraying with soap.  By the time I was done, only half of the plant was left.  Thus, for the next two weeks I paid very close attention to this one.  I moved it around several times a day to maximize the sunlight exposure and I toned down on the watering.  I read that petunias flourish under the full sun.  I fertilized and sprayed and removed diseased leaves.  And look at the picture I took today.  While not quite as lush as when I bought it, all the leaves are healthy and the petunia flowers are back.  Yey!

The mums had a similar story.  When I bought it, there were so many white and yellow flowersWithin a week, the plant looked diseased as well.  So I started cutting off the diseased leaves and I researched on its care.  Apparently, Chrysanthemums liked full sun like petunias so I found the hottest area in the yard and placed it there.  Like my red & white petunia, the mums were also in solitary confinement.  I sprayed with soap and fertilized regularly.  So here it is today.  No new flowers yet, but the plant has grown taller and a lot of the leaves are back.  In fact, it looks healthy again.  Yey!
Lastly, my Tagaytay plants have not bloomed since I bought them sometime around last year.  But then again, I haven't been taking care of them until recently.  It's the same treatment.  Lots of soap spraying, pruning and fertilization.  And guess what?  It's about to bloom!!!  In a few days, I'll make sure to take a picture.  I've been waiting for it for so long.  Maybe once I have a picture, I'll be able to identify what this plant is.

And that's it: my trilogy of plant revivals.  Happy thoughts!


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