Tuesday, February 16, 2010

My Petunia, Attack of the Cats and The Sprout

A new day brings with it a new hope that my plants will survive.  As I've said in a prior post, I will succeed by increasing the sample size.  If I have a 1% survival rate, then I'll plant 100 times.  In case you haven't noticed yet, I have a bias for flowering plants.  I bought an Aster and a Mums plant a few weeks ago.  The Aster has since moved on to a "better place"; the Mums is now "sporting a skinhead".  Oh well.  But these two caught my eye.  One is purple and the other one is red and white.  According to the tindero, petunias bloom all year round (unlike Poinsettias which just show red blooms once a year).  Since they're also supposed to get indirect sunlight, I placed them in the side yard where my Poinsettia is located as well.  Hopefully they thrive in that low sun environment.
In other news, I was shocked to discover yesterday that my mango plant was missing!  So I dug around and discovered that it was displaced and was covered in soil (not even upright!) Apparently, the kittens, which I ironically found cute, have been playing around the backyard and dug my mango out of the ground.  In my shock, I nursed it with water and replanted. As you can see from the picture today, it's now covered in rocks.  Who knows?  Maybe the Stonehenge formation surrounding it might give it untold power and health. 
As for the cats, I've been mulling about leaving sharp spikes around the ground, but at the end of the day, I love small furry animals (especially bears, (including pandas) little eggs and chickens) and I don't have the heart to do that.
Finally, in the pot where I throw all my smuggled seeds (stolen from the dinner table) I saw this sprout.  It can be Calamansi or a Watermelon.   Maybe I should have a contest on guessing what this sprout is.  Hmmm...
All the same, I'm glad it's alive (whatever it is!) I'm sure I will nurture it until it reveals its identity.


  1. Too bad about the kittens, you can try those carpet tacks, you can buy them cheaply at Home Depot etc. It has helped to some extent to keep raccoons away from certain areas. But those critter are very smart, sometimes, they just move them out of the way and dig away anyway.

  2. Hi! Thanks for dropping by. Oh, I really don't have the heart to hurt those cute little (destructive) animals. May I should just reinforce the rocks around my mango plant.

  3. it's the same case with my dogs. i go to sleep at night wishing they won't touch my orchids and various plants. when there is an empty pot, i have to search the grounds for the plants and when i show it to them they all look the other way grrr.. i am thinking of putting up a fence on my flower garden. our peachy and veggies plants did not survive their stepping on them. even my lemon grass shrubs are now like umbrellas. imagine they play standing on top of the lemon grass! anyway ....


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