Thursday, February 18, 2010

Petunia Care & Tomato Beds

Well, I was reading up on Petunia care. It looks like I have to transfer them.   I placed them beside my Poinsettia because the latter grew so well in our shady side yard.  But, apparently, petunias need lots of sun.  And too much watering is bad as well.  I learned a new term: deadheading.  It refers to plucking out aging flowers.  In fact, one site suggests removing all of the flowers at once.  This will make the plant even bushier.  Sometimes, petunias are also grown as hanging plants.   And they only need fertilizers once a month.

I also sprayed my petunias with a dish washer-water solution because I saw a couple of worms eating away at the leaves.  If it doesn't work, I will need to be make the solution more concentrated, but I can't do it so often because it'll dry up the leaves.  That's that.  I sprayed my mango too since something's eating the brand new leaves.  The nerve!

I bought a pack of tomato seeds over the weekend (yes, for Valentines).  Yesterday, we put some soil in used yogurt cups and put some seeds there.  I wrapped them in zip-locked plastic bags after watering.  We'll see what happens a couple of weeks from now.  If it works well, I'll move them to a brand new seeding bed that I also bought (yes, on Valentines). 


  1. My father is a farmer and he is good with all veggies and sorts of plants. :)

  2. Please ask him how to take care of my petunias then. ;-)

  3. I hade my own tomato beds last year and i got loads , will do the same this year!
    It tastes lovely when u grown them yourself!


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