Monday, February 08, 2010

Save My Chrysanthemums!

My mums are really struggling.  A couple of weeks ago, they looked fine.  It's been all downhill from that time.  At first, I figured they were burning up under the sun although our backyard's not exactly sunny.  So I moved them to the side of the house under a roof.   Unfortunately, the situation has not improved.  Sigh.

I'm not sure exactly what to do.  After purchasing the plant from Manila Seedling, I just re-potted it into a bigger one and I used our basic garden soil to surround the original potting soil.   The plant also gets watered twice a day.  So I wonder.  The soil, sun and water should be fine.  Why is it wilting?

I searched for mums care and found a couple of points:
  • Fertilize when flowers are ready to blossom and discontinue once there are flower buds.  The plant I bought already had flowers, so this strikes out fertilization as the issue.
  • The soil should be well drained.  The water drains in a couple of seconds.  I don't think the soil is holding too much moisture.  At the same time, when I poke my finger into the soil, it's most enough.
  • Add lots of organic matter.  Hmmm...I would have to smuggle organic matter from the kitchen to do that. Maybe I'll stick chicken drumsticks into the soil. This should also fix any drainage issues (too less or too much)
  • Place the mums in full sun.  Maybe I should move it to the front yard where all the sun is.

My Gotu Kola is Alive!

At least this one is still alive and kicking.  And guess what?  Apparently, the Gotu Kola is a very useful plant.  Here are a couple of surprising things I found out (surprising because I was just in it for the weed-like growth):
  • Good for arthritis!  Maybe I should sell the leaves alongside my alkaline water and my wheatgrass.
  • It prevents soil erosion (maybe we should plant these near bodies of water)
  • Cure for venereal disease
  • Helps against hormonal imbalance
  • Used for varicose veins
Not bad huh?


  1. Uy helps agains hormonal imbalance. Pede sakin yan. *ignoring whatever's in red* haha :)

    Wala bang one sachet trial yung wheatgrass?

  2. I'll give you a couple of leaves once it grows a little more.

    Are you sure it's for the hormonal imbalance? (how convenient...)

    Then I'll give you a free water refill if you get a wheatgrass box. Ok na ba yun? ;-)

  3. Stock market posts are nice...

  4. Loko to, syempre for hormonal imbalance talaga no! Wahaha :)

  5. Thanks for visiting my blog again. To answer your question from over there, yes, I'm into flowering plants, too, as you can see from the URL I've supplied for this comment. Your mums probably suffered from transplant shock. When that happens, your only option is to be patient with the plant (don't do anything drastic like fertilizing it).

  6. Thanks for dropping by, David. You may be right. It seems to be improving, but not as fast as I want it too. And today, I discovered that the pot didn't have a hole. No drainage. I'll nail one in later.


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