Sunday, February 14, 2010

Work from Home Opportunities / Make Money On-line Reviews 4

Reviews: So so for iNVITE5; Thumbs Up for Palmbux

Alright, it's that time of the week again.  After doing updated reviews for Neobux, Mylot and Paid2YouTubeTrekpay, Tazoodle and Clicksense, today I will write about iNVITE5 and Palmbux.   If you'd like to check out the original paid to click write-ups, you'll find them here.  Once again, participating in these sites assumes that you already have a Paypal Account and / or Alertpay Account.

I started trying this when I opened my Neobux account.  However, I didn't find the site all that intuitive.  It has a good concept though.  You don't have to go to a site everyday to start clicking.  Instead, you install a toolbar.  If you click on the Ads button, it will open your window in the left side (like favorites or history).  There, you will find the URL to click.   In terms of convenience, I have to score it lower than the BUX layout.  Why?  Once you click on an ad, you generally have to close the window, surf to another site and then reopen before you find another ad.  So it requires some patience.

In terms of earnings, it's a little weak.  Compared to Palmbux, which I started much later, the latter's earnings have already overtaken that of iNVITE5.  However, it seems like iNVITE5's earnings potential could be much better if you have lots of active referrals.  It credits referrals to the 5th level which is good, but although I have referrals, it has not reflected notably in my earnings.  Rating: Legit but a slow earner.  You decide.

Palmbux is one of the Neobux copycats. In terms of earning potential, it seems to be pretty stable. The only thing I don't like about the user experience is that the timer freezes sometimes and you have to view the ad again.  In other times, viewing the ad results in an error.  Again, you have to review viewing the ad. I haven't tried renting referrals here since I'm still experimenting with this feature in NeobuxSign up for it.

I'm looking for one more site that I can join?  Any suggestions.  Sign up under my links and let me know.  I'll go sign up under you.  Win-win.  ;-)

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