Friday, January 29, 2010

My Trekpay Experience and Being a Snitch

As you may know, Trekpay is one of the Paid To Click (PTC) sites that I'm trying out. If you're not familiar with the concept, basically there are advertisers (website owners) that pay Trekpay and other PTC sites to advertise their site. How do these PTC sites entice consumers or Internet surfers? Well, every time you view the ads, you get paid a small amount (cents). This encourages surfers to check out the sites. Now, granted a lot of us just click on the site and forget it, a small percentage will actually view the site contents. I know because that's my exact behavior. I assume that behavior has been factored in to the pricing already.

Trekpay offers about 10 advertisements per day. And that's a good steady number. Other PTC sites run out of ads. This tells me that Trekpay is fairly popular. In Trekpay though, the ads have instructional text. For example, if I advertised Mental Notes, I can leave instructions like, "to get credited for this ad, please leave a good comment in any post." Well and good right?

However, some site owners get greedy. They ask you to click on the ads in their site. They would have silly instructions like, "please click my Google ads so I can feed my five children." How blatant is that? Before I continue with this point, let me digress a bit.

When I was taking my MBA in some school, I got terribly disheartened midstream. Why? I found out that all the students cheated. Term papers, reports and exams were getting recycled! They called this Old Testament or OT if you're in the in crowd. Don't get me wrong. I enjoy free answers like the rest of us, but such systemic cheating was a little past my taste. Kids I can understand because they don't want to go to school. But MBA students? They enrolled at their own will. So why cheat? Anyway, I couldn't help it so I reported it to the Dean & Vice Dean. Hahahahaha...I should complete that story someday. It gets more interesting.

Going back to my point, I couldn't resist the advertisers cheating too so I make it a point to report these sites to Google! Hahaha...let's see them get paid when their accounts get suspended. ;-) So apart from the guy with five children, you also see appeals like, "help me pay my student loan". Those are guaranteed spam sites.

ANYWAY, the bottom line is that Trekpay has a good number of advertisers (although I report a couple of them a day) and it's fairly easy to use. Check it out. It's okay in my book.

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  1. Great article, but I figured I would throw in some points myself. As for the 10 ads per day, those are the permanent ones; If you log on about every 20 minutes you can find new temporary ones almost every time. I've been able to get 50 credits in one day just from refreshing. You should try that some time.
    As for the propositions to click ads, TrekPay is actually the one encouraging you to click them. It is stated on the front page that the google ads and such are what the site was made for. Maybe you should think twice about reporting some bloggers to Google. However, I am in full agreement and also feel unhappy towards the clients who lie in their Title saying that you must click ads even when they didn't pay for them. See you later.

  2. Wow 50 credits! You know what? The other day, I think it took me half an hour to finish clicking. Just when I'm finished, new ads show up. That happened 4-5 times in that session. So yeah, maybe 50 is not such a stretch.

    I don't know if my interpretation is correct. I know that Trekpay is there for clients to view their advertisers sites, not really the ads in the sites.


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