Saturday, January 30, 2010

Mental Notes According to Search Engines

I think it's fun to analyze traffic logs.  For some reason, crunching data gives me some happiness.  So was checking out last month for Mental Notes.  The findings are kinda weird.  So while predictably, it had some traffic from my jobs mailing list and Facebook, what's more interesting is how people arrive via the search engine route.  

I also had fair traffic in terms of people searching for mango planting and driver's license renewals in the Philippines.  To a lesser degree, there are also surfers looking for opportunities for reciprocal links.  So far, everything's pretty plain and somehow predictable, right?

But get a load of the next keywords that drove people to Mental Notes:

  • "may amag sa tabi" "hopiang di mabili"
  • pinoyporn 
  • blogspot hiyas ni kulas 
  • pinoy porn blogspot 
  • huwag po lolo 
  • sex porno movies producted between1985 and 1995 
  • pinoy porn movie  
How a singular post on Pinoy Porn Titles Five Years Ago generates that much interest, I will never understand.  Maybe it means Pinoys like reading funny stuff.  Well that's that.  I look forward to February and what stories my logs have to tell then. 


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