Monday, January 25, 2010

Directory Submissions and Reciprocal Links

Here's a list of directories where I submitted Mental Notes. It's not an endorsement of these sites. If you have suggestions of other good directories, let me know.

Blog Directories Where I Submitted Mental Notes

Bloggapedia  pending I think, but my blog is listed beside my profile.  Not searchable though. 3/17 Hey my blog is there now and it's updated.  All the recent posts are also cached.  Good directory.

Blog Hub listed, uses redirect links 

Blogs Collection  resubmitted 2/19.  3/17 I checked.  My site's still not listed in  The site is crap

Blog Listing  my site is supposedly listed, but I can't find it. Poor search capabilities.  3/17 I can't find it in Blog  The site is crap.

Blogger Now listed, uses redirect links

Directory Best . Info - it says my link is there but I can't find it.  Useless

Get Blogs Directory - resubmitted 2/19.  3/17 I can't find it in Get  The site is crap.

Philippine Sites Listed 

Dmegs Web Directory Listed

Blog Catalog Listed, Highly Recommended

Blogged Listed, but I resubmitted to change some details

Pinoy Sites  Submitted 2/19

Blog  Submitted 2/19. 3/17 Still not listed.  The site is crap.

Pinoy Blogger Submitted 2/19.  3/17 I can't find my listing.  The site is crap.

Total Blog DirectoryGarden Blog Directory   Submitted 2/19.  Tedious submission process. Listed 2/20. That was fast!

Blog Rated Directory  Submitted 2/19.  Looks like a good directory 

BlogUpp Submitted 2/19.  Easy submission.  Very big widget! 3/17 - I can't find my listing.  This site is crap.

Reciprocal Links

I believe reciprocal linking is beneficial. It's not the only way to get traffic. There's viral marketing, social network site marketing, blog commenting, search engine submission, article syndication, among others. But a link exchange does help in your SEO efforts and traffic improvement.

That said, reciprocal link requests for Mental Notes are welcome. Just link as a comment. That's it.

Select Name / URL and in the comment field describe your blog or site. No hyperlinks in the comments part please and don't be a spammer.

* Note, the URL you submit should include the link back to Mental Notes. You can link to the blog itself or to a specific post that has content that is similar to your site (so it's themed).

Thanks everyone!

I also have an old post about Search Engines and Directories.


  1. Sample

    Notes that will never win me any awards but will nonetheless reflect my very apparent charm

  2. Hi there. I would suggest adding BlogCatalog to your list of directories. Personally, it provides 99.9% of traffic that comes from any directories I've submitted my blog to (and there's a lot of those). I use a BlogPatrol counter that tells me everything I could possibly want to know about where my traffic is coming from. BlogCatalog also has a high Google Page Rank. I like your blog. Feel free to comment on mine with your own link.

  3. You know what, Blog Catalog is on my list somewhere in the site. But yeah, I should add it here too. I think it's the best directory out there and I agree with your observations.

    I haven't tried Blog Patrol though. I'll check later.


No spamming please. ;-)

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