Monday, January 25, 2010

Mango Propagation - The Mango Seed

This whole adventure started when I was delivering Alkaline Water in the neighborhood and I saw a Mango Plant in a Pot.  All of a sudden, I am reminded of an old dream to have my own mango plantation and retire there in the midst of all those trees.  I am a tree lover, you see.

Before you know it, I was researching on mango grafting, care and propagation.  But will I translate it to action?  Here's the answer.  I took two mangoes from the ref and ate them.  Well yes, eating is the first part.  Then I brushed the fibrous shell and dried them.  After a couple of days, I used my favorite serrated knife to pry open the dried shells.  It was the first time I saw an honest to goodness mango seed! Amazing considering how many mangoes I must have eaten in my lifetime.

Then as I read in a lot of anecdotes, I got the seeds, placed them on water saturated tissues and put them inside an airtight sandwich bag.  After making sure the key parts were getting wet, I placed the bag outdoors because I read that these have to be in a hot place.  A week or so later, true enough, I saw the beginning of what could be a root.  Imagine that!

After a couple more days, against better judgment (I should have left them longer), I got my gardening soil and planted the seeds in our backyard.  For experimentation purposes, I planted one in a pot and the other straight in the ground.  As I've also read, I exposed part of the mango seed in the air and I make sure the soil is fairly moist all the time.

Will it grow?  Only time can tell.  Abangan...


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