Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Air - The Next Valuable Commodity

In the past few weeks, I've been putting down in writing all the stuff I've been speculating / fantasizing about for many years.  As such you may have read posts about city planning, garbage disposal and even urine fertilization.  You might find the themes odd, but hey, that's me.

These are the things I think about while driving or walking around in a mall.  This time around, I will discuss air.  One of my futuristic speculations cum business plan is to have fairly big area (1,000 square meters) and enclose it in glass or some other see through material.  I would say a good height of the enclosure would be around 100 feet.  Naturally, let's make the glass green so we can simulate a green house.

Then the entire lot will probably have a small house inside (50-100 square meters).  Everything else will be plants.  The idea is for the enclosed area to have a fresh source of oxygen given the state of pollution outside the enclosure.  This is one reason I've been fussing about mangoes and poinsettias.  It would be more ideal if this was integrated into a self-sustaining water system.

If you think it's silly now, just look at the current market potential for alkaline water. I doubt we'll go the route of bottled air;  I suspect it will be on a larger scale (like a house).  If we want to get ambitious, wait till we see a residential village with that sort of marketing thrust with a tag line like, "you'll never have to worry about air pollution in this village." 


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