Monday, December 14, 2009

Work from Home Opportunities / Make Money On-line

These are the ones I'm trying out. I will provide regular feedback about how I'm doing. Perhaps it will help you as well. Try them out too and let me know how well it's been working out for you.

But before you check any of those programs out, you must have a means of getting.  That's the bottom line here, right?  Make sure you have a Paypal and an Alertpay account. 

Get Paid to Participate in Discussions in MYLOT - Mylot is a general forum.  You earn money by participating in various fora.  The rates are not published.  Your earnings are determined by an algorithm.  As far as we can tell, both length and quality of posts have a bearing.  Among the various opportunities, this is probably one of the most enjoyable.

NEOBUX - The most well known of all PTC sites. You basically get 4 ads to view per day.  There are options like renting referrals and upgrading your membership to get more clicks. I've seen people getting paid by Neobux in many forums and threads.

TREKPAY - Earns the same way as Neobux.  Among the PTCs, this generally has the most advertisers.  That means more clicks for you.  However, the earnings are pretty much in line with the others.

iNVITE5 - This is a paid to click (PTC) site.  Unlike the others, this requires a toolbar download and you can view ads anytime you want.  The concept is nice although I find the ads a little limited. 

PAID MAILZ - It's your basic PTC although once in the site you click on an ad banner.  Quite different in that respect from Neobux.  The earnings so far for this have been limited, but it adds up too.

PALMBUX - This is one of the Neobux copycats.  Basically everything with a "bux" that I've seen looks like Neobux with a different color.   As long as it pays like Neobux, right?

PAID2YOUTUBE - You get paid to watch videos.  Recently became a little more high tech and now has timers in the ads.

CLICKSENSE - Your basic PTC site.  I've seen some reviews of people getting paid, although I personally find the ads limited.

UPBUX - It's one of the Neobux copycats.  You've seen one, you've seen them all.

TAZOODLE - It's a search engine with a twist. Basically, you do your searches and there will be ads displayed (just like Google or Yahoo). However, when you do check out the ads, you will get a share of the ad revenue. You are allowed to check out 20 ads per day and you tend to get more here than other paid to click (PTC) sites.

It's worth a look.

Tazoodle Inc
Make sure you create an Alertpay account so you'll get paid.


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