Thursday, March 11, 2010

How to Register a Vehicle That's Not In Your Name And Was Shipped From The Province with the Land Transportation Office (LTO) - Part 2

If you read the first part of my attempt to register my Suzuki Multicab, you'll know that I wasn't very happy.  So what are the basic things that should happen when you register a vehicle?  You need a third party liability insurance, a smoke emission testing, the engine stencil and the registration proper.  At least it's like that if the vehicle is under your name and originated in Manila.

In my case, there were a couple more steps.  That's a major understatement since I went to LTO four different times.  If you read my Philippine Passport and Driver's License entries, you'll know that I've gone two for two without bribing anyone.  Do you think the record will hold?  Read on.

Rejection # 1:  I tried to register the vehicle in my name.  Apparently, it's the seller that does that.  And it won't happen until next year when I register the vehicle again.  I understand the name change should be automatic.  But since I tried to register it in my name, I was told to go to Cebu and have it processed there.  Yey!  Ass. And I need a PNP clearance.

Rejection # 2: The following time, I tried registering it under Kevin's name (normal registration).  It was rejected again because apparently I need something called the Customs Clearance Payment. Great.  I had to get that from Kevin and it took about a week to do that.  Great.  Since I had a February registration, I didn't make the deadline.

Rejection #3:  After successfully having the vehicle inspected, I figured it was just payment time.  But lo and behold, about four people that came after me already finished and I wasn't called.  Ass.  So I went to the evaluator and there the guy told me that there was something wrong with the prior payment (for 2009).   Why that is my fault I will never understand.  Kevin said it was just the LTO guy's way of asking for a bribe.

And so I've had it with LTO East Avenue and the path of righteousness!  As advised by Kevin, I went the fixer route.  I looked for Mr. Jimmy in LTO Biak na Bato and ate in Jollibee.   Well, it's not that simple.  The LTO guy wanted a P1,000 bribe and Mr. Jimmy had a steep price too.  But at least I just ate in Jollibee while selling my soul.  Afterwards, Mr. Jimmy was telling me that the P1,000 bribe was standard for vehicles that were shipped to Manila from Cebu or Mindanao (hello top LTO officials!  Quezon City mayor!)  

At the end of the morning though, the vehicle was duly registered, so I'm happy enough about that. 

As for the vehicle sellers Don & Kevin, I would still say they're not the most helpful or polite pair.  I really didn't appreciate the attitude and other potential buyers should know that.  After all, part of what I bought was a clean title to the vehicle.

To recap the title, how do you register a vehicle that's not in your name and was shipped from the province?  Go to Mr. Jimmy in LTO Biak na Bato and let him handle it.  Done in one morning, but with a 50% pad on the legitimate expenses.


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