Monday, July 05, 2010

How To Pay for Traffic Violations in the Philippines

About a week ago, while I was on my way to deliver alkaline water in Cubao, a traffic policeman flagged me down.  Apparently, as I was about to turn to Aurora Blvd., I wasn't in the right most lane.  Great.  So I whined and whined but it didn't really get me anywhere.  Now I'm not the type of guy that resorts to bribery, so I didn't deliver the, "can we talk about this" line.  To his credit, he didn't bring it up either.  So now what?

Well, he told me to pay for my P150 ticket in Metrobank.  Not bad.  At least I didn't have to go to some precinct (which is what I expected).  A week later, I was in line in Metrobank and Jean filled up a slip (probably a deposit type slip).  Within minutes, it was done.  Cool, huh? 


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