Sunday, October 24, 2004

A Poem

I stared at myself intently
My reflection looking back at me
A heart to heart session in progress
This serious concern I must address

How could I have cold feet while alone
Dang socialization chills to the bone
Take the words from my mouth oh dear reflection
Make this short, my painful introspection

I do have bad breath, my date said so
As I started to undo her blouse's lasso
As my mouth probed hers, I thought it was a piece of cake
She pulled away and exclaimed, "for chrisses sake"

Now I continue to stare, my admission complete
My shoulders hunched, my depression quite deep
MY soul antsy, tears at the back of my eyes
I heaved a huge sigh and raised my toothbrush to the skies

And so I pledge to stay in my ivory tower
Until I get rid of this pungent, virulent oral power.
I shall brush my pearly whites every moment, every day
Someday I will kiss again. Someday. Someday.


  1. hehehe ... did you write this poem?... or you copied someone else's poem?

  2. Doesn't it sound so me? How can you even suspect it was someone else's? ;-)

  3. Did this happen to you in real life?!?! =P

  4. I only lay claim to the writing style, not the experience.

  5. Well, pare. I didn't imagine you'd write a poem about your bad breath. :)

  6. It's not MY bad breath! Fiction! Fiction! Fiction!

  7. Three kids placed their pointing finger under their nose


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