Wednesday, November 03, 2004


So here I am, editing a paper in the wee hours of the morning. Suddenly, I couldn't resist.

I saw a sentence beginning with "however." I didn't think there was anything inherently wrong with that. I've written sentences like that for many, many years.

I had this boss, however, who never failed to edit my "however" positioning in EVERY document that I wrote.

So I ask: is it wrong to start a sentence with "however"?

This site says no.

That's that. My conscience is clear.


  1. When that happens to me, I replace it with another word that means EXACTLY THE SAME THING, mwahaha. One of my verbal crutches is starting sentences out with "In fairness ..." and this guy I used to date used to call me on it all the time. I replaced it with "Taking all things in consideration" and "To be fair" and "With all due respect to all parties concerned".

    After a week or so of this, he told me "Hey, you've dropped that 'in fairness' habit of yours."

    I replied "Are you kidding? I've gotten worse, I've just been switching the words up so you wouldn't notice."


  2. Well awareness is the first step. I think not a lot of people listen to themselves. As a result, they're not aware that they have pet words and phrases that are best shelved.

    Isn't 'in fairness' a bading expression? ;-) It sounds very Kris Aquino to me. hehehe

  3. You have a point ... but then again, a friend of mine is firmly convinced that I was a bading in a past life :D


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