Saturday, June 26, 2010

Cat's Whiskers Care and Propagation

I have to admit.  I haven't been giving my Cat's Whisker plants any love.  What can I say?  It's not as fragrant as mint or basil.  It's not even a relatively well known herb.  In fact, before I got one, I didn't know it existed.  But guess what?  It's been thriving in my garden so it shot up several notches up in my favorites list.  It also has beautiful flowers.    My own Cat's Whiskers have not flowered yet, but the pictures give me something to look forward to.

I think I understand why my Cat's Whiskers are thriving when a lot of my other herbs have been unhealthy and dying lately.  Cat's Whiskers require heavy watering and needs the soil to be always moist (as against letting the soil dry out in between watering). That's exactly what the rainy season is providing: perpetual wetness.   For feeding purposes, it requires lots of compost / organic material in the soil and medium fertilization.  It needs full sun but will survive just fine in partial shade. 

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  1. Thanks for taking the time write about cat whiskers. You are right that they don't smell as potent, but they definitely do have their own unique smell that I imagine no one could hate. I appreciate the tips on the soil and will be using it. I've bookmarked your site as well. Thanks again!


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