Friday, May 14, 2010

RIP: Petunia, Welcome Tarragon & Cat's Whiskers

Imagine that.  My once lush purple Petunia died. Unbelievable, right?  I don't know why.  Could it be the extreme heat of summer?  It's supposed to like lots of direct sunlight.  Is it because I tilled the soil?  I don't know!  But now it's gone.  I seem to be on a killing spree of flowering plants.  I killed my Aster after one week. I killed Jean's Gerbera after one week.  I killed my recently divided mums (it's a good thing I successfully propagated some cuttings). I just wish I knew why.

Oh well.

But here's an amazing thing.  While delivering alkaline water to a customer,  we struck a conversation about herbs.  Apparently, she's some kind of an herb buff too.  She was really nice and gave me a couple of Tarragon and Cat's Whiskers cuttings.  Will I successfully root the cuttings? Only time will tell.  By the way, Sua gave me another Spearmint cutting about two weeks ago and I'm glad to report that it's got roots already!  Yahoo.  In my opinion, it's my best smelling mint. I hope I can propagate it further.

ANYWAY, this all ties in together.  How?  Well I planted some of the Tarragon and Cat's Whiskers cuttings in my Purple Petunia pot.  Best way to get over a plant is with a new one!  The remaining cuttings (my customer gave me lots) are in water.  Statistically, something has to stay alive and thrive!   Watch out for it!


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