Saturday, April 24, 2010

Propagating Crysanthemums by Cuttings

Okay, so I'm running a couple of experiments on my mums.  My mums haven't bloomed ever since I bought them.  After doing some research, I discovered that mums are photoperiodic: they bloom as a response to shorter days.  For one of my mums (I did root division on my original big one), I just give it 7-9 hours of direct sunlight.  I'm hoping it'll bloom in a few weeks.  On one cutting I'm trying to root it after dipping it into a honey-water solution, which I hear acts a lot like a rooting hormone.

Meanwhile, I have one big pot where I put all other mums cuttings.  More attempts = more chances of success.  That's my statistical philosophy.   These cuttings are from my pruning efforts to make the existing plants branch out.  These stems are about 2-3 nodes long with 3-4 leaves.  I've stuck in about 5-6 of these stems in that pot already.  I water them regularly to keep the soil moist and I placed the pot in a slightly shaded area just to make sure the stems don't dry up before they get to root.  Guess what?  At least one is still alive.  I think it worked!  It's not even drooping anymore.  I heard that's how you'll know that the cutting took root already.  Here are a couple of pictures of the surviving mums cuttings.  Sorry Donna if it's out of focus again like a lot of my shots.  I'm using a very simple camera phone.


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