Sunday, May 02, 2010

Petunia Propagation: Work in Progress 2

Over the past months, I've tried various means to propagate my petunias: seeds and cuttings.  I'm still zero.  The seeds didn't germinate and the cuttings dried up.  And so I read that honey can be used as a rooting hormone and I tried it. The cuttings dried up AND had loads of ants.  So back to the drawing board right?

Lately, I've noticed that my purple petunia has been struggling.  Just look at the before and after photos. It looks like the world has turned and for the first time, my red & white petunia is doing better.   So I took a couple of cuttings from the purple one (you know, just in case the mother plant dies) and I stuck them in soil.  Statistically, something has to succeed and root, right?  I placed two of the cuttings in small pots and covered them with a plastic container.  Maybe moisture conservation is the key.  We'll see in a week or two.


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