Saturday, July 10, 2010

How to Mix Your Own Bug Spray

I've had so many bugs in my garden like you can't imagine!  Ants, wormy like things, spider mites, leaf miners and mosquitoes.  It's crazy.  So whenever I don't spray my plants for a couple of days, they look like they've been under attack.   Before, I used basic soap solution to spray my plants (especially the underside of the leaves).  I've tried both bath soap and dish washing soap. The downside is the potential leaf burn.  In fact, I think that's how I killed my Hannah Leah (Mona Lavender Plecanthrus) and I think may be a reason why my big tomato looks burned out. Once in a while, I also add chili peppers to my spray. Lately though, I've added another component.  Vegetable oil is supposed to work.  But since I'm such a recycler, I tried using used cooking oil (fried chicken!).  Hahaha...I hope that's okay.  The bugs might enjoy eating my plants more if they have that KFC twist.  But guess what?  My sprayer has been acting up for a couple of months (limited spraying power).  I've tried to fix it.  But as soon as I added oil to my mix, it regained its spraying power.  Apparently, oil lubricates sprayers too. So for now, my home made bug spray consists of soap solution with chili pepper and a little oil. 

As a final point, apparently spider mites thrive on very dry environments.  Well, I've been trying to keep my plants dry because I've been trying to avoid root rot. Too wet...too dry...there's just no winning sometimes.

Know any good home made sprays?


  1. Anonymous11:47 AM

    Had trouble with my Mona Lavender, too. So far, I've killed off 2 out of 4. The third one looks like a "goner", too. I'm so sad because when I first planted it, it was gorgeous! Beautiful purple flowers. I'm a beginner gardener...a little frustrated at the loss of some of the beauties I've planted and lost to white flies, mealy bugs, heat, and just unknown causes. I'm going to keep on trying, though. I'm determined to master the art of gardening. It just erks me to read all the positive comments on Dave's gardening blog from folks who have talked about how "easy" the Mona Lavender is to grow. Well...who knows. Good luck to you and your Mona Lavender. Hope your plants thrive. Nancy from Texas.

  2. I was so traumatized by the death of my plant, I've given up on flowering plants. Show me pictures of your Mona Lavender sometime.


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