Monday, November 01, 2010

Vermicompost Experiment: Will Vermicompost Help Cure a Sick Mint?

Yesterday I decided to gather some vermicompost from my Worm Bin 1.  After sifting, I got some, but not a lot  as you can see from the picture.  It seems my bin is still too wet to allow for efficient vermicast harvesting.  The contents were all clumped together.  From the picture, you'd also see that some worms (African Nightcrawlers) went through the sifter.  I returned them to the bin of course (albeit a bit dizzy).

I then got my sick Chocolate Mint.  As you can see, the plant looks ravaged.  I think some caterpillar ate all the leaves.  I removed some soil from the pot and replaced it with the vermicompost I gathered.   Then it's a wait and see game.  Will the supposed beneficial microbes help my chocolate to recover?  Time will tell.

As a footnote, I also placed some new cardboard bedding (thank you Pizza Hut!) to Worm Bin 1 to make it look like a proper worm bin and not a hodgepodge of food and bedding.  I'll also let it dry out for a week before I try harvesting anything again.


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