Sunday, October 31, 2010

Worm Bin 2 Update: Increase in Population

Worm bin 2 is a simple, small, rectangular container with a couple of holes on the lid (none at the bottom).  I used the bin at the start of October when I placed 7-8 worms.   Amazingly enough, by October 13, there were already 15 worms in the bin.  As of October 29, I counted about 36 worms already!  Granted, a lot of them were still babies, it's still cool, right? I took a couple of pictures.  My worms look like Jollibee Spaghetti!

But have they been doing their job?  Well, they're still not enough to process the worm bin contents fast enough (like within a month).   Keep in mind that most websites or blogs talk about getting a pound of worms.  I believe that's about 200+ worms.   So this bin is still about 1/5 of the norm.  Nonetheless, if you look at the contents, apart from the paper, it's hard to recognize anything at all.  So we can say that there's noticeable decomposition going on. 

The latest development on this bin is that I pushed all the old contents to one side (one half of the bin).  That includes all the worms.  Since there's no division, I created a used paper towel wall.  I stacked them in the middle.  On the other side, I put in fresh bedding and shredded leaves.  Once the material on the "old" side looks processed, I'm hoping to see some worm migration to the other side. By that time too, I'll stop wetting the "old" side to further encourage the worm migration. 

Wait and see...


  1. I've been wanting to grow worms too. I've read your posts about how you got started. Are you doing this for the compost or are you going to make the liquid fertilizer I've read about - maybe both? How are you going to harvest the compost? I like how you made your container. I don't want to but one either.

  2. Hi! Well primarily, I was just fascinated that worms can turn organic waste into fertilizer. I harvest them using a screen.


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