Tuesday, November 02, 2010

Worm Bin 3 Update: Mushrooms in My Worm Tray

A couple of days ago, while checking on my worm bin / flow through tray, I was surprised to see mushrooms sprouting.  In the morning I saw two.  When I checked back in the afternoon, there were like 3-4 more.  Not being sure if they were good for the worms, I cut off the tops to kill the mushrooms.  Yesterday, this is what I saw.  A lot of new mushrooms sprouted.  I'm not sure what type of mushrooms these are, but they have a white stem and a black head.  The head is also "inky" and in fact is staining my tray black.

This morning, naturally I saw a couple more.  But to my surprise, when I lifted the tray to see if any new vermicast has fallen through, I found mushrooms growing upside down!  If only my herbs were as persistent, I'd be a great gardener.  It remains to be seen if these mushrooms will make good worm food.  Let's see.


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