Thursday, February 03, 2011

Vermicompost Experiment: Will Vermicompost Help Cure a Sick Mint? - Results

Three months ago, I wondered if vermicompost will help cure one my sick Chocolate Mints.  As a background, my mints (all of them!) got hit by some sort of disease that caused them to become leggy at best and dead at worst.  So I thought maybe the good microbes in vermicompost will stem the tide.  Well it's been three months since I shoveled in some vermicompost into the pot (about a shovel-ful and only once during the three-month period).  I wouldn't jump up and down in excitement, but I am glad the Chocolate Mint looks better.  So at the end of this experiment, I would call this inconclusive.  Next time, I'll  be more aggressive in adding vermicast. 


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