Monday, February 07, 2011

How Long Before You Can Harvest Yellow Ginger? Self Propagation

It's been a couple of months since I found a small Yellow Ginger on my front door.   It seems Jean fancied the plant and wanted me to take care of it.  And so I did.  I read up on it too.  Supposedly it should just take a couple of months before this root crop bears fruit.  And so I waited.  In the 5 months or so that I've had it, my two small original plants are now 6 or so.  These things self propagate!  How?  Now growths appear at the roots and all you have to do is to split the plant and make sure some roots are included.  And that's it.  Almost no adjustment.   Cool huh?  I've also repotted the biggest one several times making sure to plant it a little higher in the pot each time so that the roots have enough space to grow.   

From what I read, once the plant starts to wilt, it's probably time to harvest your Yellow Ginger.   As you can see, the big one has started turning brown.  So I decided to dig up the plant and check.  Lo and behold, there's a tiny, tiny ginger hanging by the roots.  It's so small my camera can't even focus on it properly.  Just look in the middle of picture 2.   If you look hard enough, you'll see it. 


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