Wednesday, March 03, 2010

Petunia in Bloom

When I first bought my Petunias a couple of weeks ago, they held so much promise.  They had beautiful flowers, lots of leaves and were allegedly easy to grow. I first placed them under indirect sunlight since my Poinsettia grew healthy in that area.   Like my Mums though, they didn't look so vibrant after a couple of days.  So I did my Google search on Petunia care and started spraying them with soap solution.  The red and white Petunia, in particular, had a lot of ants!  I'm not sure why.  But I drowned the ants and sprayed with soap until they all died.  At this time, it still looks delicate.

I also moved both Petunias to a sunnier location.  Supposedly, they grow wild with the sunlight.  

So far, the purple Petunia though is looking good.  After learning that deadheading (plucking flowers) is a good thing for Petunias, I tried it with the leftover blooms.  In about a week, the purple one bloomed again.  True to my Google info, it had a lot more flowers than when I bought it.  Mental note: deadheading works.

Meanwhile, the red and white Petunia project continues.  I'll water a lot in the morning then I will move it around within the day to ensure maximum sunlight exposure. Let's see if that kills the bugs and revives the plant. 


  1. Can you use dead flowers as mulch?

  2. Mayan4:02 PM

    I noticed that my petunia plants start to have long stems with small leaves. What should I do? Would pruning be enough?


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