Monday, February 22, 2010

Mangoes, Tomatoes, Petunias and Mums

Here's my mango plant today. As you can see, the leaves are already green and upright.  It looks like it's well on it's way to becoming a big happy plant.  I hope it has totally put the experience of being attacked by cats behind it. Yey!  Of course, that's still a 10% success rate for me, but hey, I'll take it.  As long as this one grows up to become a super mango tree.
As for my attempts to graft a mango stem into our big old mango tree, well there are no updates yet.  The stem is still green, but no new leaves have grown.  It's a wait and see. 
My tomato seeds provide a different story.  I will show you before and after photos: one dated Feb 20 and the other dated Feb 21.   So tell me how that happens!  One day, there's barely a white root showing (so small my low tech camera can't focus!); the next day little tomato sprouts were shooting all over my little recycled yogurt (strawberry flavor) cup.  What sort of plant grows over an inch in a day?!  ;-)  Within this week, I will be transferring them to my newly purchased plant bed (yes, the one I bought on Valentines).  Hopefully, they grow up to bear big red tomatoes.  Wait and see...
My red and white petunia had a major crisis last week.  After I moved both of them to be exposed to direct sunlight, the red and white one started wilting all over.  At first I thought I burned the leaves because I got trigger happy with my soap & water solution, but then the situation persisted while my other petunia (the purple one) was fine.  So I checked for bugs and stuff and found lots and lots of ants in the soil. I was scandalized of course!

So I was at a loss on what to do.  At first I figured, I'd transplant it to some ant-less soil, but then I thought of trying something else.  It was 4 PM and the sun was pretty strong.  I decided to drown all the ants!!  Die ants!  Die!!  How dare they attack my 3 for P100 plant! So for about half an hour, I submerged the plant in water.  It's a plant.  It can't possibly die with too much water for just half an hour.  And the drainage was good too.  After the deed was done, I moved it to another location (hopefully with less ants).

Today, it's looking good again.  Of course I pruned off about half the leaves but I see signs of recovery.  More importantly, I don't see any ants in the soil. Meanwhile, after deadheading the purple petunia, it also looks like its about to blossom again.

My mums have been quiet for a while.  After struggling for a couple of weeks, it looks alive, but still pretty bare.  I've applied some fertilizer so it would bloom again.  For a P30 plant, mums are high maintenance!


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