Wednesday, March 03, 2010

Globe Telecom: My Three Weeks of Bad Customer Service

Let me tell you what I need to happen with my Globe Handyphone accounts.  You tell me if it's simple or complicated.
  • Phone Number 1 (PN1) - I paid P2,500 when I meant to do it for Phone Number 2 (PN2).  In effect, this account has a credit balance / overpayment.  PN1 is under my dad's name.
  • What I want to happen is to zero out the balance of PN1 and transfer whatever overpayment there was to PN2.  According to the first customer service representative (CSR) that I talked to, this was possible.
  • I want to close PN1 and just keep PN2.
Are you still with me?  So these are the things that have happened since mid Feb.
  • I have e-mailed the letter of authorization 8-9 times to 
  • I have faxed the same letter of authorization at least 10 times to 739-3002 (Globe's fax number)
  • I have called around seven times averaging 30 minutes to an hour each time.
  • I have been promised a callback each time.  I've never received a callback   The latest liar was allegedly named Macy Marquez with a 7 AM - 4 PM shift (she promised to call before end of shift)
  • I have e-mailed explanations (sometimes with the letter of authorization) around ten times. 
  • I have been asked for a letter of authorization each time I called (see how many times I've sent it). 
  • The overpayment was removed from PN1 but not credited to PN2.  I was promised that it would be added to PN2 in the last billing cycle. 
  • I've received around 3 replies from Globe (check how many times I've e-mailed).  
 So tell me.  What am I missing from this picture?  Was my request difficult to begin with?


  1. I have a great experience with the lousy customer service from globe..recently I was approved for a my superplan 349...last feb 14 i got a call that my unit will be delivered on feb 18, no definite time i said ok...ill wait...feb 18 came, and i cancelled all my appointments...the whole day passed and no delivery came...and to make matters worse...Globe did not bother to inform me that the delivery will not arrive... i called them from Feb 18 up to this very moment and still no reply from them...this afternoon was supposed to have my unit delivered again...and guess what? no delivery arrived...and again no advice from them...I called up their customer service and talked to a certain SCOTT SAN JOSE...he told me that he heard word from their support team that my unit will be resched for delivery on feb 25... and they did not notify me of the so pissed..maybe if I have gotten the iPhone plan things would have been different but hey..Im still a customer... I have recordings of ALL my calls with their customer service hotline...and will be posting them if I do not get my unit the name is czarkhan fe ...09174380222 ...that is how pissed iam with their service...

  2. Anonymous3:52 PM

    Simply Put. Sa Globe, Pasan mo and Mundo! wahahaha

  3. grabe talaga ako nga 1month na yung unposted payment ko till now wala pa din response grrr!


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