Friday, April 16, 2010

Upside Down Tomatoes - When's the Harvest???

I'm such an impatient gardener.  I can't wait to harvest tomatoesI planted my tomato seeds back on Feb 22Then I moved them to a seedling bedI researched on tomato care as they were growing up. I read some articles about upside down tomatoes so I got curious and tried it out.   I was afraid I made a coupe of tactical errors in that one though so I experimented with another upside down tomato planter.  It's been 53 days since I started and my tomatoes still look like seedlings!  Tsk.  And I've killed about 80% of the seedlings already.  Considering that tomatoes are supposedly easy to grow my tomato mortality rate is quite an achievement.  Sigh.  From my research, it takes about 120 days from seed to harvest.  I'm still just at the halfway mark, apparently.  Sigh.

I'm seeing some white streaks in the leaves though.  I'm not sure what those are.  It's surprising because I spray them everyday with a mild soap solution.  Dang bugs.


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