Tuesday, April 27, 2010

How to Care for Roses

About a week ago, I went full circle in my gardening adventure when I got myself a white rose plant.  Naturally I did my research so I can take care of my brand new rose plant.  In general, it likes everything in generous doses.  First of all, roses like lots of direct sunlight (at least 6 hours a day).  It's just like petuniaslavender, oregano thyme and tomatoes.   It also likes a lot of water:  it favors watering deeply fewer times than watering frequently and lightly.  Deep watering likewise promotes deep root development.  You can even water from the bottom.  But remember to water the roots and not the leaves.  Finally, it also feeds a lot.  Feed it lightly but frequently with your basic balance NPK fertilizer.  I'll just use diluted urine of course.

In terms of soil, roses like them neutral to slightly acidic.  The soil should have lots of organic material and not sandy.   Mulch heavily and cultivate the soil regularly.  Use a big pot to let roots grow.    
To rid yourself of pests, spray your rose with a baking soda, oil and water mix.  Destroy all leaves with black infection. 

Finally, prune your rose enough to allow light and air to reach all the leaves. Prune dead or diseased stems and leaves.   Cut at a 45 degree angle facing outwards so that the new growth is outwards.


  1. Can you grow roses from cut flowers?

  2. I'm not sure. BUT, whenever I cut my roses, I try to plant them. Zero success so far.


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