Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Lavender Care & Propagation: Root Division Results

Well it's been 11 days since I performed a root division on Jean's lavender. It's the best way to propagate since plants are equipped to survive.   I noticed though that it's a slow growing plant.  It looks almost exactly like that when I first got it.  A mint would've grown a couple of extra leaves already by this time.  It's as slow growing as my Fortune Plant.

Today from it's protected area (as you can see, it's surrounded by little pots to make sure the cats can't attack it), I moved it to a full sun area beside the mums I'm forcing to bloom.

Anyway, if you're a lavender grower too, here are a couple of things you should know:

Lavender Care & Propagation
  • Full Sun
  • Well drained, loose neutral PH soil
  • Water frequently in the first year.  Afterward, it can tolerate drought
  • Requires very little pruning, but do so to encourage new branches
  • Must have room to spread
  • Can be propagated from seed, cuttings, layering and root division.  I will try cuttings and layering one of these days.
Lavender Benefits & Uses 
  • Bees and butterflies like it's aroma
  • Used for cut flowers
  • Used for soap and shampoo
  • Helps with anxiety, depression and fatigue / exhaustion
  • Lavender oil helps prevent hair loss
  • Good for massage and aromatherapy
  • Helps with headaches
  • Treats fungal infections, wounds, acne and eczema
  • Tea!
  • Insect and moth repellent


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