Monday, April 19, 2010

Welcome White Rose!

Well, it looks like my gardening adventures have come full circle.  When I was in Grade 4, I started taking care of roses.  In fact, during valentines on that year, I even sold flowers in my school.  And mind you, I sold each one!  I took care of my roses for a couple of years.  In fact, I may have had as many as a dozen different rose plants at one time.  I had red, white, peach, pink and orange roses.  I had big blooms and small blooms.  It was a great time.   In fact, I was so enamored with gardening, I even bought a book called, "How to Propagate Plants".  Why do I remember the book?  A couple of days ago, I saw it as I was collecting books to donate to my old school.  I'll talk about that in subsequent entries, but back to the book and the roses.

Now, 24 years later (wow I'm old!), I'm back!  I have a rose plant again and I'm as crazy for propagation as I was so many years ago.  Hopefully, this time, I don't end up killing all my plants due to a case of "over nurturing".  In fact, I hope I didn't damage my rose too much when I transplanted it to the big pot.   That's why it looks a little "angled".  Wish me luck! 


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