Tuesday, April 20, 2010

How to Stop a Radiator Leak with Eggs and Pepper

My Multicab radiator sprung a leak.  My friend Sua then mentioned that you can use an egg and some pepper to plug it.  Intriguing thought.  And so I Googled the topic, "fixing a radiator and with an egg and pepper" and found lots of entries.  The theory is that the pressure due to the expansion of the water would jam the pepper and the now cooked eggs into the hole and plug it.  Supposedly, the pepper would harden like a rock.  It seems the jury is mixed on this one. So I figured I'd try it.  I used half a bottle of pepper and about three eggs and tried it out for a couple of days.  You know, I figured it might take a couple of days for the eggs to cook.

Well, it's still leaking. It's supposed to be a stopgap measure, but it didn't even work for a short while.  Tsk.  On the upside though, every time I put water into the radiator, it smells like tasty soup.   Now I'll have to wait for a few more days for the "ingredients" to drain out of the radiator before I have it fixed or it will smell like soup forever.


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