Monday, April 05, 2010

Is My Oregano Thyme Growing? Benefits and Care

Yesterday, I was wondering about the lack of growth of my Fortune Plant. Today, I have similar musings.  About two weeks ago, I divided my Oregano Thyme into two plantsRoot division is the preferred method of propagation for Oregano Thyme.  Since then, I've been watching out for those two.  I'm not sure if they're growing at all.  Does it look like they grew to you?



For those interested in growing your own Oregano Thyme, here are some useful facts, benefits, caring tips and uses for you:
  • Methods of Propagation - Seeds, root division, cuttings, layering
  • If the plant dies, pour soil over it and it might regenerate.
  • Likes alkaline soil and full sun
  • Roots should not be allowed to stay wet.  It just needs little water.
  • Can be used as a garden carpet.  Smells good if you step on it
  • Use it as tea and treat hangover
  • Treats bronchitis and flatulence
  • Helps with painful menstruation
  • Good antiseptic (mouthwash & toothpaste) and deodorant
  • Good flavoring for poultry, beef and egg.  Good for salads too
  • Retains flavor in slow cooking
  • Treats minor injuries
  • Can be used as perfume, soap and potpourri
  • Harvest throughout the year
  • Keeps moths and lice away
  • Good for athletes foot and hemorrhoids
  • As oil, will be good for rheumatism and general aches and pains
You have anything to add?  Just chime in. 


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