Monday, April 05, 2010

Gotu Kola Swamp

The last time I talked about my Gotu Kola, I haven't found the right formula in caring for it yet. It was in an ice cream container with no drainage.  Since I read that it grows well in a swamp, I flooded the container with water.   What happened?  Well right after I transplanted my Gotu Kola from a small cup into the container and filled that up with water, the Gotu Kola started wilting.   After a few days, they seem upright, but at least one was wilting.  After about a week with no excitement, I lessened the amount of water so that the soil was just over muddy. I didn't change the sun exposure (medium).  And today, this is how they looked.  Seems like they've adapted to the water.  There are new leaves and they're upright.  Could this be the right formula?  Would it propagate faster?  Maybe...

Pictures are sequential from March 22 - April 5


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